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20th anniversary of the company

Group activities
2018/12/17 14:47

On June 18, 2018, Anwar Group celebrated its 20th anniversary. In the hall of the conference hall, the lanterns are high-hanging, and the large red carpet is more colorful and luxurious. The two lines of striking characters on the colored background of the rostrum: the upside is a pair of peace pigeons respectively. The twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the China Group, the lower row is more dazzling & ldquo; hand in hand for twenty years, Anwar went forward & rdquo; ten big characters sparkling. In order to celebrate this milestone, everyone in the company gathered together to celebrate the celebrations and share the development results of the company.

At the meeting, Chairman Wei Chengge first gave a speech, and successively commended a large number of old employees and award-winning representatives who made significant contributions to the company, expressed their own rhetoric, and finally ended the singing of everyone's cheerful party.


Chairman's speech:

Dear old and new colleagues:

Hello everyone!

Today is the traditional Chinese festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Anwar. On this special day, the elites of the example are full of friends, and the new and old colleagues are here. Here, I am grateful, the same For ten years, all the friends of Anwar Electric and all the colleagues who worked hard for the company to share the glory and dreams of everyone.

Twenty years of wind and rain, 20 years of inheritance, and 20 years of shoulder-to-shoulder work together have made Anwar today. The road to growth cannot be separated from the close cooperation between old and new colleagues, and the support of friends. In the past 20 years, we have been down-to-earth, conscientious and steadily moving forward. Nowadays, Anwar has grown from an initial company with only a few people to a company with more than 560 people today, from an annual output of several million companies to the nearest one. 200 million yuan enterprises, from the single production of bridge products to the current two industries: dozens of varieties of products, from the unknown micro-enterprises to three consecutive years, rated as the city's top 60 enterprises, from the lease The production plants of factories, factories and equipment have now truly owned their own production bases, office buildings and comprehensive enterprises of a certain scale. The achievement of these achievements embodies the hard work and sweat of all colleagues present, and all the colleagues work together. The result of selfless dedication, unity and hard work; these achievements are inseparable from the entrepreneurial spirit of “harmony, integrity, quality, innovation”. In the past 20 years, although Anhua has undergone continuous transformation, from the chemical industry to the steel industry to the subway industry, from private enterprises to joint ventures to private enterprises, it has only changed the industry and time. It will never change in our hearts. That principle is the spirit of enterprise, and it is "harmony, integrity, quality, innovation"; eight words have made Anwar Electric today.

The 20th anniversary of Anwar is not only a historical commemoration, but also an opportunity that all Anwar people have long awaited. It will bring together the hearts of love and dedication more closely, at this milestone of Anwar. I am once again grateful to all the colleagues who have always unconditionally supported and cared for the Anwar cause; once again, I would like to thank all the colleagues who have been obsessed with the selfless dedication of Anwar. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you here.

In the beautiful blueprint for the future, Anwar is looking forward to your care and support, and is looking forward to our common beliefs and will continue to work in Anhua’s future ten years and 20 years. Pursuit, I firmly believe: As long as you have your peers and support, as long as you continue to adhere to the spirit of "harmony, integrity, quality, innovation", Anwar will go better, faster and more in the future. far! Anwar’s tomorrow must be brilliant! Anwar's tomorrow will be even better! ! Let us work hard and witness together!