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Pre-buried channel (AH anti-skid anti-slip groove)

basic information

Pre-buried tank product introduction


The pre-embedded channel technology was first applied in many fields such as concrete anchoring system and curtain wall supporting system in the developed countries in the 1920s. Later, it has gradually developed into other fields. It has been used for nearly 100 years and is in good condition. With the development of China's national economy and the construction of urbanization, the rapid development of urban rail transit construction, coupled with the construction of urban underground integrated pipe network tunnels, more and more functional facilities installed in the interval tunnels. The addition of fire evacuation platforms, civil communication facilities and existing contact networks, communications and signals, fire water supply and drainage pipeline installations have become an important part of rail transit system engineering, and have become an important link affecting the construction period and project quality. In the past, manual drilling installation, chemical anchor bolts or post-expansion anchor bolts were usually used to fix the equipment brackets. The environmental pollution problems such as low work efficiency, large dust and noise were serious. If the drilling position is not properly selected, the structure of the tube will be damaged, causing operational hazards.

In recent years, the company has organized technical strength to research and develop the anti-vibration anti-skid pre-embedded parts of subway, rail transit and underground integrated pipe network tunnels, and combines advanced foreign technology and concept to produce a series of concrete embedded parts, including embedded. Channel series, pre-embedded screw sleeve external channel series and deck external channel series. The products have been tested by the national authoritative testing institutions, and the technical performance indicators have reached or exceeded those of similar foreign products. Such as anti-fatigue load test, tensile strength, tensile shear performance are better than similar foreign products. The introduction of domestically produced concrete embedded parts has broken the situation of relying entirely on imports. The development and application of this product has greatly reduced the difficulty of construction and installation in subway tunnels, solved environmental pollution problems such as noise and dust, protected the original structure of prefabricated components such as tunnel segments, and improved the quality of the entire project and shortened. The construction period. Compared with similar foreign products, not only the quality is reliable, but also the cost is greatly reduced, and the project investment cost is reduced. This product series is also widely used in bridges, buildings, major public facilities, factories and mines, etc., with broad application prospects.




1. AH anti-shock anti-slip groove pre-buried channel series

1. Features: AH series pre-buried channel installation and adjustment is convenient
★ Save installation time and speed up construction progress;
★ Energy-saving construction costs.
AH series pre-buried channels are available in various forms and materials
★ The toothed channel is matched with the toothed T-bolt for reliable fixing performance;
★ Carbon steel and stainless steel materials meet the needs.
Safe and reliable
★ The concrete structure has a longer service life without damaging the concrete structure;
★ Can be installed in concrete tensile and compression areas;
★ Certified, can be used for refractory structural components;
★ Carbon steel is highly resistant to corrosion on the surface;
★ Can withstand dynamic loads and seismic loads;
★ It is used for various building load installations;
★ Safe to install, no noise, no vibration, no pollution.
Fast and economical
★ Adjustable anchor points;
★ Use bolt connection, no need to weld;
★ Installation tools are simple and cost-effective;
★ Adopt prefabricated design components to reduce construction time;
★ A wide range of options is available for a variety of different requirements.


2. Model marking method for channels and anchors

The model number of the embedded channel is expressed in the following form depending on its material and cross section.




3. Structure of AH pre-buried channel

★ The AH pre-buried channel consists of channel steel with internal teeth and anchor bolts anchored on the back of the channel. It is pre-buried in concrete and the required equipment is fixed by T-bolts.

★ The channel with internal tooth shape is matched with the toothed T-bolt for fastening various metal brackets or components, which is excellent in shock resistance, anti-skid and fixing performance.

★The carbon steel channel is made of Q345B material or customer-specified material, which is hot-rolled into special C-shaped channel steel. The inner and outer surfaces are hot-dip galvanized and shot blasted to form a uniform roughness on the surface of the galvanized layer. The epoxy resin is electrostatically coated with hot-melt treatment, and the surface water-repellent alkali-resistant layer finally forms a high-strength, corrosion-resistant, alkali-resistant surface layer on the surface.

★Stainless steel channel is made of 316L and 316 (material according to user's requirements) and hot rolled into special C-shaped channel steel, and the surface is shot blasted.

★ The end of the channel is sealed by a plastic head. The inside of the channel is filled with elastic and environmentally-friendly filling strips. The surface of the groove is sealed with high-viscosity elastic tape to prevent the concrete slurry from leaking into the channel.

★ The lower layer of elastic tape is a high-viscosity cloth-based material, and the upper layer is elastic tape, which has high bonding strength.




4. Comprehensive technical performance of AHC pre-buried channel series

The AHC pre-buried channel products are tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The results are shown in the following table.


AHC pre-buried channel technical performance indicators test results table

Test items Test results
Category Project name Method description  
Mechanical performance Sliding load Single bolt allows sliding load along the axial direction of the channel Meet the technical requirements of the GB3329-2013 standard
  Deflection test Static bearing capacity and displacement test in precast concrete test block Meet the technical requirements of the GB3329-2013 standard
  Shearing work load    
  Single anchor column tensile test    
  Channel mechanical properties Yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation after fracture test Meet the technical requirements of GB228.1-2010, GB/T1591-2008 standard
Stress test Fatigue resistance test 1 million fatigue tests Meet the technical requirements of the GB3329-2013 standard
    Fatigue test in 3 million precast concrete test blocks  
Vibration test Vibration test The sinusoidal beat frequency, Z-axis→Y-axis→X-axis test meets the standard requirements. SZGT/CXJ005.02-2017-1905GB/T2423.49-1997
Loose performance Fastener looseness test Loose performance test of embedded channel, T-bolt and related fasteners Meet the technical requirements of CXJ004.02-2017-0256, GJB150.16-1986
Refractory Fire resistance test Through the tunnel fire RABT-ZTV heating curve test, the test piece was suspended by 0.8KN loading block by T-bolt and heated for 120min; and the T-bolt was loaded with 1.8KN at a single point, and the fire test was 90min. After the test, the T-bolt was not tested. Fall off in the piece. The test piece did not lose its bearing capacity. Meet the technical requirements of GB26784-2016 or GB/T9978.1-2008
Coating Coating impact resistance The weight of 1000g is 50cm, and it falls on the channel coating. The coating has no cracks, wrinkles or peeling. Meet the technical requirements of GB1732-1993
  Surface treatment adhesion test Meet the requirements of level 0 (the cutting edge is completely smooth, no one is off) Meet the technical requirements of GB9286-1998
Corrosion resistance Copper salt accelerates acetic acid salt spray test Accelerated acetate mist after 300h copper salt Meet GB3329-2013
  Neutral salt spray test After the salt spray 2400h neutral test, the sample did not see red rust Meet the technical requirements of GB3329-2013 and GB10125-2012
    After the neutral test of salt spray for 3000h, the sample showed no red rust.  
  Acid resistance test The sample was immersed in 10% sulfuric acid solution for 240 hours without red rust. Meet the technical requirements of GB9274-1988
  Alkali resistance test An alkaline solution of 0.12 g of calcium hydroxide was added to 100 ml of distilled water at 23 ° C and thoroughly stirred, and the pH of the solution was 12.5. After the sample was immersed for 168 hours, the sample coating did not change color, and no bubbles or spots appeared.  
Chemical composition Channel material chemical composition analysis Compliance with the requirements of Q345B and Q345D grades in the standard Meet the technical requirements of GB1591-2008
Insulation performance Insulation performance test Surface resistance Ω4.3×1011 Volume resistance Ω2.4×1011 Meet the technical requirements of GB1410-2006




The position distribution of common bolts on the channel:


25(35) 200(250) 200(250) n×200(250) 200(250) 200(250) 25(35)

■Bolt spacing ≤250mm ■h is the end spacing ■H is the bolt spacing ■n is the number of bolts

Recommended length of channel and number of bolts (according to engineering design requirements)
AHC 30/20, AHC 30/26
Channel length (mm) / number of bolts
AHC 38/23, AHC 40/22, AHC 52/34
Channel length (mm) / number of bolts
1250/7 1450/8 1650/9 1850/10 1050/5 1300/6 1550/7 1800/8
2050/11 2250/12 1450/13 1650/14 2050/9 2300/10 2550/11 2800/12
2850/15 3050/16 3250/17 3450/18 3050/13 3300/14 3550/15 2800/16
3650/19 3850/20 4050/21 4250/22 3300/14 3550/15 2800/16 4050/17
4450/23 4650/24 4850/25 5050/26 4300/18 1550/19 4800/20 5050/21
5250/27 5450/28 5650/29 5850/30 5300/22 5550/23 5800/24 6050/25

Identification of the embedded channel:
Mark the side of the channel or the side of the slot


7. T-bolt

The AH T-bolt has an S-shaped T-head that prevents bolt rotation and ensures ease of assembly and reliability.




p Name T-type bolt
power level 8.8, 10.9
Applicable channel AHC52/34 AHC 40/22
AHC 38/23
AHC 30/20
AHC 30/26
Bolt specification M16 M20 M10 M12 M16 M12 M10
Bolt length 50-200 50-200 40-100 50-200 40-100
Bolt material 1 low alloy steel hot dip galvanizing treatment, 2 stainless steel passivation treatment
Surface treatment Hot dip zinc, Dacromet, zinc-aluminum alloy


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