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Integrated support hanger installation

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The traditional installation method of industrial pipelines is to take a section of angle steel or channel steel as the pipeline bracket according to the design drawings, and locate the borehole on the angle steel or channel steel according to the diameter of the pipeline and its arrangement procedure on the bracket, and then take a circle according to the design drawings. The steel is tapped at both ends and bent into a U-shape as a pipe clamp, and then the pipe is fixed to the bracket with a 管-shaped pipe clamp and a standard washer nut. This traditional pipe bracket and pipe clamp are typically machined on site. If the surface of the bracket and the pipe clamp needs to be coated with zinc or chrome, it needs to be sent from the installation site to the special factory plating. If the brackets need to be connected, electric welding is used. For example, it is very difficult to re-plating the surface of the bracket after welding. If the plating is performed after welding, the coating will be destroyed. Therefore, the defects of this traditional pipe bracket are: difficult positioning, consumables, rough shape, long installation period, and currently can not meet the needs of modern industrial development, especially in high-tech industrial plants, tunnels, subway pipelines. Needed, a new method is to use special geometry C-shaped steel as the pipe bracket - the geometry and size of the profile steel, which not only ensures the strength of the similar channel steel, but also makes the specially designed pipe clamp on the bracket. The fixed pipe can be arbitrarily installed due to the positioning restriction. The connections between the pipe supports are designed to be connected in various shapes according to their different connection forms. The advantages of this new type of pipe bracket are: cost saving. The workpiece is light, strong in strength, flexible in installation, time-saving and material-saving, and beautiful in appearance. In the past, there were no domestic companies that could produce this new type of pipe support. Therefore, some high-tech industries in China must use this new type of pipe support to import from abroad. In order to replace the traditional pipe bracket and replace the import, the company is the first to produce the new pipe bracket in China - namely AH41 series C-shaped steel pipe bracket and movable pipe clamp and its special connecting parts, special nut bolts and cranes. A series of metal products such as rods and beam clamps meet the needs of modern high-tech industries and pipeline installation. The quality and performance of the products produced by the company have reached or exceeded the products of foreign brands. The design team has reached more than 8 people. It can not only carry out the second deepening design according to the comprehensive pipe network diagram provided by the design institute, but also can undertake the BM design task.

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